About me:

I am Danielle. I am from Latin America but have been living in Washington, D.C., where I met my husband, for the last 10 years. I love fashion and have inherited this passion from my mother, with whom I have a great time hunting for some pieces in the D.C. area or in our regular trips to New York. I have an MBA, and besides fashion, I also have a passion for finance.


About Spring2Spring:

Here, in D.C., the seasons are very distinctive, and spring is my favorite. The great variety of colorful flowers blooming everywhere, bright mornings and long days, warm but not humid weather, and cheery people flooding the streets infuse me with energy and make my life happier. When spring is over, I wish I could spring (back) to spring anytime to feel that liveliness again.

At Spring2Spring, a fashion and lifestyle blog, I primarily want to share with you  the fashion styles that instill within me that spring vitality all year long. Likewise, I enjoy exploring the food, decor, and beauty strategies that refresh the spirit and bring joy to daily living.