Make It Special for Dad

To celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and special days, such as Father’s Day (this coming weekend), I  like to plan activities with my family or friends. I enjoy giving and receiving presents (I cannot lie; I love gifts!), but the unforgettable part of these occasions is the time I spend with the people I care about. I am lucky to live in D.C., where I can visit wonderful art galleries and museums for free. There are also historical houses that are very interesting and educational. Likewise, I love animals, so taking a stroll in the National Zoo and exploring the Baltimore Aquarium, as short field trips, are among my favorite activities. If I have more time, my first option is to take a weekend trip to New York City, where I can take in a Broadway show and wander through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These are a few ways I have had enjoyable, and more importantly, memorable celebrations. So, why not invite Dad on a family field trip to an interesting location in your area to make his day special?

As I said, I love giving presents, so here are some items you can check out for the dads in your family:

     Trunks / Watch / Shirt / Sneakers / Loafers / Messenger Bag / Tie / Sunglasses


Thank you very much for reading and have a great Father’s Day celebration!